Therapy & Training

At Disha, we give children a new outlook to life; a window to peek through their world into ours and vice versa.


Qualified Physiotherapists at Disha help children with their day to day gross motor functions and help them develop physical independence and mobility. They also assess, design and carry out stimulation exercises for children to improve their physical skills, minimize the effects of disability and to prevent further deformities.

Occupational Therapy:

Occupational Therapy at Disha enables the children to perform daily activities independently and improve quality of life. It helps children with their self-help skills, gross motor skills, visual motor skills, fine motor skills, sensory integration skills and pre-vocational skills. Occupational Therapists evaluate performance of each child, identify deficit and strength areas, develop goals for each student, and evaluate progress in collaboration with other therapists at the centre.

Speech-Language and Communication Therapy:

Speech and Communication Therapy at Disha helps children in realizing their maximum communicative ability. Professional therapists help the children with oral motor skill exercises as well as tactile, verbal and visual simulation. Children with severe communication disability are given training in alternative methods of communication like gestures, applied verbal analysis, augmentative and alternative communication, picture exchange cards, etc. We make use of interactive communication software like Dr. Speech, talk boxes and audio-video equipment at the school. We develop and use speech and language intervention therapy according to the individual needs of each child. The training doesn’t end with students only. Our professionals also guide parents to carry forward the intervention at home.

Sensory Integration Therapy:

Individuals on the autism spectrum might have difficulty processing sensory information. They are either hypersensitive or under-sensitive to light, noise, and touch. They might be unable to tolerate day to day sounds around them. On the other extreme, some might constantly keep moving, rocking, flapping hands or at times injure themselves to be fully aware of their bodies.

At Disha, our advanced Multi-Sensory Integration Unit is equipped to work with children with autism, visual impairment and other sensory difficulties. The qualified team of teachers, occupational therapists and physiotherapists provide, according to each child’s needs, constructive, comfortable and appropriate training.

Play Therapy:

At Disha, we infuse training with much fun and physical activity. We have well equipped indoor as well as outdoor play areas, that give children ample opportunities to learn while playing. Our play therapy has had a positive impact on many children’s general behavioral, self-concept, self-expression and personal growth aspects.

Art Therapy:

Art is a great tool of expression for individuals on the autism spectrum. The beauty of art is that it combines creativity with therapy for children with special needs. It offers the children the opportunity to learn, create and express their inner feelings. Best of all, art is fun for individuals of all ages. Through our art therapy children attain skills like hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, color recognition, sequential thought, matching and visual stimulation. At Disha, our Art Therapist works with children both on an individual basis as well as in groups. We also encourage our students to participate in various art competitions every year. And in turn, they make us proud by always winning awards.

Dance Therapy:

Dance therapy helps enhance cognitive, emotional, social and physical well-being of children. It is a fun and liberating way to practice motor skills than simple exercises. It also gives students the opportunity to participate in groups, move and interact in a supportive and fun environment, while working on physical strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and socialization skills through music, movement, games and dance.

Music Therapy:

At Disha, we strongly believe in the healing power of music. Music Therapy at Disha is designed to reinforce and strengthen skills identified in each child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) to address areas like receptive language, expressive language, socialization, and motor development. We have observed children taking delight in different forms of music. They love to sing, dance and enjoy playing musical instruments like the harmonium, flute and drums.

Aroma Therapy:

To address hyperactivity among children on the autism spectrum, we introduced aromatherapy at Disha. It helps lower hyperactivity as well as increase attention span in children.

Yoga Therapy:

In our attempt for all round healing and development we have volunteer yoga experts who visit the school regularly. Children benefit from the various breathing exercises and individual therapy sessions. Disha also organizes yoga workshops for parents and teachers from time to time.

Remedial Education:

Children with learning difficulties and developmental delays, who attend regular school program, require additional support to cope with the mainstream education. For such children we provided remedial education to keep them at same level as their other classmates.

Outstation Children and OPD:

At Disha, we our goal is to help as many individuals on the autism spectrum as possible. Our outstation children program is designed to help children with special needs from other cities of Gujarat. Our professionals develop a program plan for home based training and train parents on how to carry out the skill training and therapy program. Outstation parents are given home training program for their children and regular follow up is provided. Children from Vadodara are also given individual therapies with appointment in OPD. Follow up takes place at regular intervals to evaluate the progress.

Public Awareness and Advocacy:

Spreading awareness about autism and other developmental disabilities is one of Disha's prime focuses. We organize seminars, publish & distribute brochures and charts regarding autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities. Autism awareness posters in English and Gujarati created by us are displayed in various educational institutions and other suitable areas to spread awareness.

Professionals at Disha:

We have highly qualified and RCI certified professionals and well-researched therapy modules to help children. Professionals at Disha include certified special educators, assistant teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, field staff, art therapists, play therapists, dance therapists, behavioral specialists, vocational resource specialists, computer teacher, counselor, visiting professionals and volunteers.

Criterion for Admission:

Referrals for admission to our programs are mostly received from doctors, hospitals, mainstream schools, teachers, parents and other NGOs. All referrals are subject to the approval of Disha’s Admission & Assessment Committee.