Success Stories (Impact):

  • Mainstreaming

Disha Special School has succeeded in mainstreaming 20 children with Autism to normal schools :

Dhanush Y.S Madhav Stuti Vraj Aditya
Dhruvi Ridhant Shivang Sumit Khushboo
Yashvi Imtiyaz Shreekar Lucky Hassan
Naman Kaizan Vraj Jenil Ishank
  • Earning Livelihood

One of Disha’s adult students, Siddharth is undergoing inhouse job training in a multinational IT company in Vadodara and another student, Zuber has been employed as a Trainee in Disha Charitable Trust. Further bio-data of 6 more adult students have been forwarded to an Agency who helps in searching jobs for children with special needs

Parents Feedback

“Parin made more progress in Disha Special School and Autism Centre in short period compared to the progress he made and the school in UK.”– Deepa Bhatt UK (Mother)


“Environment is very good and safe for kids. Special Educators and Therapists are very co-operative and are always ready to help. Daanish showed a lot of progress at Disha special school ” – Harsh Agraval (Melbourne , Australia)


“School environment was very kind towards special children. In ten days yansh started recognizing alphabets . Focus of Yansh improved within 10 days and he started learning new things.” –Vinay Parekh (Paris , France)


“Disha has a very good, well disciplined environment. All  the teachers and therapists are very hardworking. My children Zuber and Zainab have benefitted a lot after joining Disha. They have learnt many new things and have become independent” – Nagma Pathan(Mother)


“Disha School has helped Siddharth improve his expressive language. Computer training given by teachers here has helped him get placement as trainee in Ranagam infotech Company. We as parents feel that it has been a great initiative for a person like him”- Sarda Subbaraman(Mother)


“A mother is happy when her child is happy, but the happiness increases manifold when her child learns, plays and above all remains content not only at home but also at school. We feel good when our son Upamanu says that he wants to go to school even on Sunday. He looks forward to the school prayer, academic/ physical activities, art and craft, yoga etc. Upamanyu enjoy each and every activites of school. I also get regular feedback from his class teacher about his positives and negatives. I believe Upamanyu will improve consistently in future with the active support of school ” – Soma Baidya (Mother)