About Disha

Autism was first described more than 60 years ago. Yet, a vast majority of people, including medical and educational professionals, are still unaware of how autism affects individuals. They struggle to find an answer to how to effectively support and interact with individuals with autism.

Mrs. Prabha Mehta, a writer, academician and social activist, recognized the same struggle of parents and individuals in Vadodara as also the urgency to provide a solution for this struggle. In 1999, Mrs. Mehta along with a team of committed professionals laid the foundation of Disha Charitable Trust– an Information, Guidance and Referral Centre to serve persons with disabilities and their families. A year later, Disha Special School and Autism Centre was established. True to its name, Disha provides a direction, hope, and a channelized path to persons with disabilities by delivering need based services.

DISHA is one of the premiere institutions of India providing comprehensive and wide range of services to children with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Speech and Hearing Impairment and multiple disabilities through its following programs:

  • Disha Special School & Autism Centre
  • Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Pre-vocational & Vocational Training
  • Online counseling of children with Autism from cities and towns in India and abroad
  • Parent-child program for families from other cities

At, Disha, we understand that while it isn’t possible to “outgrow” or to be “cured” of developmental disabilities such as autism, symptoms can be lessened and skills can be acquired with proper support and therapies. We provide support in recognizing the unique capacities of individuals and help them develop the ability to make eye contact, show affection, smile, laugh, and build communication skills. In doing this, we also spread hope to hundreds of families in need.

All activities of Disha Charitable Trust are steered by a dedicated and fully empowered Board of Management headed by Mr. N. K. Chawla, Former Chairman/Director of Co-operatives and PSUs. The Board ensures good governance, transparency, accountability and selfless service to the society in all affairs of the organization. At Disha, we work in partnership with parents, professionals, like-minded organizations and the community at large, to help children with special needs to lead a more independent and meaningful life.

Our Vision
To be a world-class, state-of-the-art institution that provides all services under one roof to help children with special needs realize their maximum potential and live a meaningful & productive life.

Disha Charitable Trust is one of the chosen few NGOs in Gujarat, who have received an accreditation and certification from Credibility Alliance, an independent Agency of high repute, for complying with stringent norms of good governance, transparency and accountability.