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DISHA is governed by a leadership structure made up of two bodies, a Board of Trustees headed by Disha’s President and Executive Director Mrs. Prabha Mehta, and the Board of Management headed by the Chairman, Mr. N. K. Chawla. Both these bodies work together in tandem to uphold DISHA’s mission and values.
The Patron of the Trust is Shri G. Narayana a leading Management Guru and Chairman, Emeritus, Excel Group of Companies. The Board of Management steers the organization towards its objectives that is sound governance, complete transparency, accountability and professionalized decision making process. Its key role is to provide direction and leadership to the organization, evolve appropriate strategies, decide relevant organizational policies and monitor the physical and financial progress of the organization periodically.
Disha’s Advisory Panel comprising of experts from various fields who make extraordinary contribution to the organisation through their work, expertise, advice and professional inputs is headed by Dr. Manoj Ambwani, a leading developmental Pediatrician.
We have a dedicated multidisciplinary team of trained and experienced professionals comprising of special educators, therapists, counselors, field workers and vocational trainers at the Special School and Autism Centre led by administrator Dr. Sangita Patel, which works under the guidance of the Executive Director Mrs Prabha Mehta and Chairman of the Board Mr. N. K. Chawla. All our staff members are all passionate about their work and well versed with the most recent therapy and rehabilitation techniques to bring out the best in our beneficiaries.
The milestone which Disha has achieved in a short span have been possible due to its ability to continually attract, retain and develop a cadre of talented, committed professionals and volunteers who come from all walks of life and backgrounds.

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