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Some of the comments from dignitaries
  • Lovely work displayed with great enthusiasm. All the Best!
Nisha Grover, Akshar Trust
  • We are very proud to be associated with important work of Disha. Ypu are improving the lives of so many through your commitment and care.We are very proud to be associated with important work of Disha. You are improving the lives of so many through your commitment and care.
Lee Shapiro, Senior V.P. Allscripts
  • Highly impressed - by the work done, excellent team. Really a noble work is being done by you. Keep it up. All the best wishes.
Haribhai Patel, MD, GSFC, Baroda
  • It is truly an excellent facility for autistic children, perhaps the best in Gujarat and may be in India. I wish the institution and its management all the best.
Satish K Sharma, Police Commissioner, Vadodara.
  • My salutations to the team of most committed Barodians for taking up a cause that needs civil society’s and Government’s joint efforts to address.
Vinod R. Rao, Collector & Dist. Magistrate, Vadodara.
  • Every visit we see the changes and improvement in the children, thanks to Disha staff who are doing an excellent job.
Mallika Srinivasam, President(L&T Ladies Welfare Assoc.)
  • The experiece out here was amazing. 'The staff is extremely caring and make he children feel at home. Our visit has been truly an outstanding learning experience. I am sure, this day has made our student teachers more mature and sensitive; It is very noble thing that the institute is doing. I wish all of them "All the Best"
Ms. Mahima Nair, Navrachana College of Education, Sama
  • Great leadership and dedicated team reflects visibly in all the work that is being done at DISHA. Path breaking work and developing a social backbone which could be emulated. Keep up the good work.
Rajiv Jyoti, President & MD, Bombardier Transportation India
  • Disha is something which I never could have imagined. I have seen many organisations engaged in humanitarian services but never had such experience before. The human sufferings are probably unlimited but then the dedication of staff is absolutely superb. I just pray to almighty to be more reasonable and spare these flowers from such problems. I pray for this staff to give constant motivation to continue this wonderful job for years to come.
Bipin Vadhar District Governor, Rotary International – 3060
  • Wonderful to see the dedication of the teachers and trustees helping these children, who appear settled and integrated into the school. HSBC is happy to be part of this great family. Thank you for making our world a better place.
Naina Lal Kidwai (CEO & Country Head), HSBC Bank
  • It was a privilege to visit Disha and observe the amazing work that is being done with utmost professionalism. I am impressed with the work that DISHA is doing for the very special children in Baroda community. I feel grateful to you for taking on this endeavour and for making it a success. Programs such as the library for use of the staff & family members are creative and purposeful. My complements to all the staff for their professional and personal contribution to the cause. Best wishes for tremendous success.
Roma Kapoor, Director Resource Development, United Way International India Initiative, U. S. A.
  • It is excellent contribution to the society. Dedication of trainers is exemplary. I wish you very good luck”
Atul Patel , Chairman, United Way of Baroda
  • We are extremely happy to see the growth of the Disha – since its inception. It has multi-dimensionally grown. It is one of the model social organizations, in the field of mental health. We express our good wishes”.
Prof. M.N. Parmar, Dr. Jagdish Solonki, Ms. P. Mital Petiwale, Faculty of Social Work, M.S.U.
  • The work you are doing is amazing. We look forward to getting involved.
Gler Tullman, President Allscripts, USA
  • Amazing work. Tremendous passion. Thank you.
Nitin Deshpande

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